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There are four components of Silver Connections highlighted below that are most essential in providing each person with the best membership experience!  


UNIQUE LOCAL EVENTS                                         

Silver Connections is not the social club of many years ago! We are an active group of age 55+ adults who are very fortunate to live in the Triangle area of North Carolina and have wonderful restaurants, venues, and activities to enjoy! Silver Connections takes advantage of all the area has to offer such as dining, theater, museum trips, wine tastings, concerts, private tours, seminars, happy hours, picnics, and many small groups (hiking/walking, book club, golf, and more!) … just name a few activities that are offered!  Everyone has different schedules, financial situations, and preferences for events....we have a variety and something for everyone!   


Travel is also offered as an option to our members. Partnerships have been formed with several travel agencies so that trips are offered at reasonable prices with convenience and fun in mind!   Silver Connections offers you the chance to get to know members at our events and then take those friendships on the road! Please see our Travel page for our past and some of our upcoming travel opportunities. 



Life events and celebrations concerning members will be noted and shared (with permission) with other members.  Meals will be offered to be provided as well. Years ago, because there were smaller communities and everyone knew each other, people were sometimes more “in tune” with each other’s struggles and celebrations. Silver Connections will promote this sense of community within the membership as a way to help members feel a connection to one another. 



Each potential member is offered the opportunity to schedule a no-obligation meeting with the owner to gather information, receive a packet of information about Silver Connections, and ask questions. Our commitment is to know each member on an individual basis and not as just “someone” who belongs.  You can also get in touch with the owner to ask any question, as nothing is insignificant or too foolish to approach her about. You are important to Silver Connections and as a member, you will receive the personal attention you deserve.

The owner of Silver Connections has orchestrated the event ahead of time and taken care of event details.  Her goal is to make sure that all runs smoothly and strives to maintain a relaxed, no-pressure, enjoyable atmosphere.  She is sensitive to a new member attending their first event and our members are also very welcoming and always open to new friends!   

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