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“Laura Kay is outstanding!
I can't wait to turn 55 so she can assume socialization responsibilities for me!  With her enthusiasm, connections, and expertise in working with the single 55+ population, she is a natural. She is always eager to help, thinks about others all the time, has a big heart for any issues her members are working with or through, and provides high-quality events for her clients. I highly recommend Laura Kay and Silver Connections to anyone looking for a well-run professional organization helping people socialize.” 

Director of Business Development, Nurse Care of North Carolina

“Laura Kay exudes warmth, friendliness, and energy! She also has a keen intuition and sensitivity to help even the shyest of individuals become socially connected. She makes good use of technology to stay in touch with her clients and to invite them to events. I have recommended her business to many of my clients and will continue to do so!” 

Owner- Significant Others

"Laura Kay is simply wonderful! She loves what she does and wow does it show! And she has the warmest smile. You feel completely at ease and instantly drawn to her to get to know her better. I have had the pleasure of knowing Laura Kay for over three years. She has been a huge supporter of my businesses and has cheered me on every step of the way.  I highly support her and Silver Connections. Silver Connections is a brilliant concept, and I've never met a more perfect individual to be working with folks 55+ . Laura Kay loves her groups, her friends, and her clients. She takes a genuine interest in people to make them feel special. She's a great organizer of activities and events and handles everything with class. If you're looking to work with Laura Kay House on any project or Silver Connections activity, I say ''jump in with both feet''. She'll make sure you have a great time! "

Owner-Wilson Marketing

“I have had the opportunity to witness first-hand Laura Kay's special care of Silver Connections members. She pays attention to every event detail which results in a lot of fun for everyone. With few exceptions, I have not encountered anyone in the 55+ industry who is more passionate about making a positive difference in her client's lives and, in some cases, avoids the feeling of loneliness which sometimes occurs with newcomers to the area or those who have recently lost a loved one. I highly recommend Silver Connections to all of my clients who could benefit from membership.” 

Former Broker/Owner-
Alterna Home Solutions

"Silver Connections provides you with at least
8-10 terrific events every month to choose from and great travel opportunities if you want them.  The events and travel are never over the top expensive and are very reasonable. Laura Kay gets us great seats at the theater and I pay a lot less than if I were to go on my own.  You have a choice of what events you want to attend and there is quite a choice.  It is worth the mere $21.00/month I pay for the service and socializing that I have been able to do."

Silver Connections Member

"We all love Laura Kay!"

Silver Connections Member

" I have renewed my membership twice and as long as Silver Connections will have me..........I am there and never leaving!"

Silver Connections Member

"I know that Laura Kay has discussed eventually franchising to other cities as she gets calls from people all the time, who want to know if there is a "Silver Connections"  in their town.  So many of us everywhere now are boomers and need a safe and fun way to meet others like ourselves. I have made some great friends and love this group!"

Silver Connections Member

"I am so very happy that I joined Silver Connections! I have met the most wonderful, caring, fun, inspiring, interesting people anyone could ever hope for.  I am forming friendships with wonderful people who I would never have met without this group.  And for the reasons I joined I also found these people to have the desire to experience, travel, laugh, care about others and form a full and satisfying life.

I always tease Laura Kay that she and Silver Connections saved my life and I really shouldn’t kid because that is in fact the truth.  I still have the ups and downs with life experiences and changes, but I now have endearing, generous friends and tons of activities to get me through those bumps.

Guess you can tell, I am a believer!  I am just so thankful for the gifts of Silver Connections!"

Silver Connections Member

"What a joy it is to refer my age 55+ clients to Laura Kay at Silver Connections. She has a wonderful energy that shines through in the work she does in promoting meaningful activities for her members.  I will continue to refer to her with the confidence that she has my client's best interests at heart.” 

Owner - The Right Moves

“The energy and detailed execution Laura Kay has exhibited with the building of Silver Connections as well as the day in, day out planning she undertakes with each customized event she creates on behalf of her members is astounding. She's truly a one-woman dynamo that gives her all and carries each event through to an inspired finish. What's even more impressive is that she was savvy enough to not only fill a void in the social marketplace, but in just a few short years since founding her organization, she's not only set the bar for a social group of its kind, but it's so high, no one else can come remotely close.” 

Writer & Communications Professional, Independent Writing & Collaborative Marketing Services 

“Laura Kay is "The Queen" of making connections! She does an outstanding job of helping people meet each other and expand their social calendars. While improving the everyday life of the people she works with, she also provides wonderful educational programs for her clients as well. If I know someone who is looking to make some new friends (and is 55+), I am sure to send them to Laura Kay to be part of this amazing group. Laura and I have partnered together for events, and I can share that she serves her clients well and provides a relaxing and fun time for all. Get connected with Laura Kay!” 

Director of Community Outreach, SearStone

“Laura Kay provides a wonderful service for her members at Silver Connections. I enjoyed creating designs to match her vision of her business. She has done a great job filling a need in the community for those 55+. I highly recommend Laura Kay & Silver Connections.” 

Wendy Tefft,

Graphic Designer / Web Developer

"Silver Connections goes way beyond a social club. You do wonderful work and I just wanted to tell you that I admire you and I hope you keep it up.  You help so many people.  See you soon."

Silver Connections Member

"I have lived in the Triangle for many years and have some very good friends. But, most of these friends are married, so on the weekends, they are with their spouses. The weekends have been difficult for me.  I joined Silver Connections to meet others who were active adults and who were also single.  Now, my weekends are full and I am having so much fun that my married friends wish they could join!"

Silver Connections Member

"I have belonged to other groups in the past where it was free, but the group itself, the quality of events and organization of activities was lacking.   There were often cliques and we did the same events, at the same places, over and over again.  With Silver Connections, it is always something new on the calendar and the events are organized so well.   You can pick from dining, theater, movies, wine tasting, dancing, volunteering, holiday parties, golf, book club, supper club, coffees, museum exhibits, and the list goes on and on.  I think you get what you pay (or for me, before Silver Connections) what you don't pay for."

Silver Connections Member

"I had moved to NC from the Mid-West about a year ago. I came here to live near my daughter, her husband and my two grandchildren.  As much as I loved spending time with them, I  really wanted to meet people my age to socialize with.  My daughter always invited me to events with their friends, but they are in their 30's and I needed to meet people outside of my family. Being new to the area, it was hard.  I happened to find Silver Connections and not only did I get to enjoy all these great venues in the Triangle, but I made new friends who I see now at Silver Connections events and we get together outside of events also.  I could not be more pleased!"

Silver Connections Member

The Silver Connections group makes dinner several times a year for guests at The Caring House which is a "home away from home" for those receiving treatment at the Duke Cancer Center and their caregivers.  We also work with Wreaths Across America and participate in other philanthropic activities. Although we are primarily a social organization, our members also like to give back to the community.:

"Hi Laura Kay, 

Wow!  The guests have given me rave reviews of last night’s bounty of food!  I heard that there was tons to eat and a lot of choices.  Thanks again and again for your kindness and generosity. One guest, in particular, commented about the laughter and joy you guys brought to the House.  I’m so grateful for your continued support of us and I always look forward to you coming back.  I would like to include Silver Connections in our spring newsletter.  

Kindest regards,


Dawn Woody,
Operations Manager at
The Caring House

“Laura and I have worked together on a number of projects... not only has she advertised in Boom! Magazine, she and her group, Silver Connections, has written a restaurant review for the magazine. Laura has that unique combination of being totally professional and extremely personable - a rare combination.” 

Owner/Publisher, Boom! Magazine

"Laura Kay is the best of the best! If you have not checked out Silver Connections yet, do so. Great events, quality and friendly members, so many activities to choose from and a wonderful way to meet others 55+!  Her members are young (mostly "baby boomers") and she knows and cares about each one. She has also formed some great relationships with the restaurants, theaters, etc. in the Triangle and is well respected by them as well as those in the event planning and age 55+ industry.  Her education, experience and warm personality makes her perfect as the owner of Silver Connections!" 

Outreach Marketing Executive - Triangle Events 

"Laura Kay exudes enthusiasm in all her projects with her group. She is fun, caring, and most of all, passionate with a capital "P" about her work providing social activities for the 55 and over crowd. Not only does she provide the service but she also participates in every function and enjoys the company of her high-spirited group. I can honestly highly recommend Laura Kay of Silver Connections.”

Owner - Raleigh Geriatric Care Management, LLC

"I had been divorced for many years when I joined Silver Connections over two years ago. It was the best decision that I ever made!  Not only have I made some very good, close friends, but I have been exposed to the Triangle area in a way that I never had been before.  Fantastic events, great group of members, and a professionally run organization."

Silver Connections Member

"I had the best time last night at my first event! I can't stop talking about how enjoyable the evening was and most importantly, about all the nice people l met. I am looking forward to the next outing so that I start getting to know folks better. Silver Connections is just what I was looking for. Thank you so much!"

Silver Connections Member

"I am a widower and wanted to get back out there and enjoy life, but wasn't sure how.  I found Silver Connections and it has saved my life!   I have met so many great people and although I was VERY nervous the first time that I attended an event (after being part of a couple for many years), Laura Kay and the other members made me feel so comfortable.  I cannot say enough great things about this group. "

Silver Connections Member

"I was afraid to join a group for age 55+, because I thought they would be older and we would talk about who is in the hospital or who next needs a wheelchair. Boy, was I wrong!  This is one of the few groups that I have found for age 55+, where the members are active and very young at heart. They are still wanting to very much get out there and enjoy life! Great group of people and terrific owner!"

Silver Connections Member

" Looking at my life now, as opposed to a few years ago, I am rich beyond belief. Not in monetary terms, but in regards to friendships and relationships and interests that would not be possible had Laura Kay not decided to begin Silver Connections.


T. S. was the first person I met in North Carolina. It took prodding on her part to get me out, because believe it or not, I was a bit of a recluse. Prod she did and introduced me to Silver Connections.  I am eternally thankful to her for doing so for it changed my life. 


I have met fascinating, wonderful, and kind people. The circle continues to grow. 


All of this is because Laura Kay had a vision and a brilliant one at that. I want to thank you Laura Kay because all the fun I have and the meaningful relationships that have been formed stem back to you. May the happiness you have generated come back to you a thousand fold."

Silver Connections Member

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