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Your yearly membership provides you with...


A Personal Meeting

The opportunity for you and the owner to meet and discuss all aspects of Silver Connections membership and for you to ask any questions that you may have. This is the time for you to learn all about the group!  


A time can be scheduled for this meeting that is convenient for you, at a local coffee shop or bookstore cafe.' A packet of information about Silver Connections is also given to you at the meeting. If you decide to join Silver Connections, the owner has already met you and you have met her. When you arrive at your first event, you will not be a stranger walking in the door!

Local Event Opportunities

You are able to choose from completely planned local events every month. It gives you the opportunity to experience a new restaurant, see a theater production, attend a symphony performance, enjoy a local museum, a holiday party.... and much more!

Red Chairs


There is a sense of security provided to members to know that the owner has talked with every potential member before joining.

Certain pages of the Silver Connections website require a member Username and Password. This is to protect our member's privacy as security and safety are important to us. 

Travel Opportunities

You also have the opportunity, if you wish, to travel with the group.  You get to know other members at our events which makes traveling together even more fun! Silver Connections has formed partnerships with several travel agencies. There is no pressure to travel and you can pick and choose what trips you may want to go on.

Above the Clouds
Longtime friends


Being a part of a strong and caring community is a big part of Silver Connections. Birthdays, member news, and other life events are recognized. 

You are not just a number in a large and impersonal group, but an individual whose membership is valued. 

You have the opportunity to be a part of the "Meal Train" program where members help members in times of need.


Each month at a dinner, all members' birthdays that month are celebrated with the group! 

Professional Planning

The owner's education with a  BSW (Bachelor's Degree in Social Work/Psychology) and MA (Masters of Arts in Gerontology) and experience which provides her with not only the background, but the ability and expertise in working with those 55+, event planning and travel.(Please see Meet The Owner above.)

All the planning, directions, parking, event details, reservations, etc. are all taken care of! Communication is ongoing between the owner and members at all times, so all details of each event are known. All the preliminary work is done, so you can just show up.

The owner is always researching upcoming events in the Triangle and future travel opportunities, many times months in advance, to be able to offer members a variety of choices!

All tickets for future events are organized, purchased ahead of time if need be, and the details are communicated to members.

Cute Planner
Happy Friends

New Friends

We are not a dating service or matchmaking enterprise, so you may enjoy events without pressure, in a relaxed environment.  Love does happen, but it is not the goal or mission of our group.

Most of all, you are meeting others like you who are age 55+, with similar life experiences and circumstances. You are making new friends and have unlimited opportunities to socialize!

Come enjoy our activities and travel and meet the terrific members of our group!



(one-time payment that equals less than $21.00 per month!)

PayPal, personal checks and all major credit cards/debit cards are accepted.


Your membership begins on the day you join until the same date the following year!

Steps To Begin:

  1. You may fill out the application below.

  2. You will then be contacted as soon as possible by the Owner. 

  3. Together, you will set up a time to meet, that is convenient to your schedule. This is a relaxed and no-obligation meeting, to ask questions and to find out about all aspects of membership.

  4. A packet of information will also be provided for you about Silver Connections.

Begin The Process Now By Filling Out The Application Below!

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Please fill in all applicable information below and read the the Terms and Conditions. Click SUBMIT to send.

Thanks for submitting!

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