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Terms & Conditions

MEMBERSHIP GUIDELINES:  Silver Connections is a private membership organization and reserves the right, in its sole, absolute and subjective discretion to terminate or withhold membership or withhold membership benefits, from anyone who attempts to disrespect, abuse, exploit, threaten or act in an inappropriate manner while participating in Silver Connections activities, with its members, the owner, partners, venues or staff. 


MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Silver Connections will make available to you, as a member of Silver Connections, various events and activities each month.  Events will be announced online and you will have a chance to sign up for these activities or events. The selection of activities sponsored by Silver Connections shall be made by Silver Connections at its sole discretion.  You understand that some events will be at no cost, others will require payment at the event and some events will require payment in advance. Costs of events are always at the forefront with consideration of price always a factor in determining events.  You understand that in order to participate in any event, you must register for that event. You understand and agree that your participation in Silver Connections events can take place only if you are a member of Silver Connections. 


EVENT CANCELLATIONS: You agree to adhere to an event cancellation policy.  If you register for any event and must cancel for any reason, you must remove your name from the event and call the owner -  only if you are canceling the day of the event.


GUESTS:  You may bring a guest one (1) time to a Silver Connections event and after that; we kindly ask that they would join Silver Connections in order to participate. You may bring as many guests as you would like per year, but one visit per guest. No former members are permitted at any of our events.  You may bring any family member or guest(s) including a married individual or couple, on any Silver Connections trip. Out-of-town guests are always welcome. 


MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION:  You understand that Silver Connections encourages all qualified individuals to join Silver Connections and trusts each Member to accurately complete all portions of the Membership application. All information provided on the membership application is deemed truthful and valid.   Providing any false information on the application is grounds for membership termination. Silver Connections also respects each Member's right to privacy. Thus, it is your responsibility alone to determine whether to interact with any other member or guest whether at any Silver Connections sponsored event or otherwise and you voluntarily take all risks associated with such interaction and your membership. 


AGE AND OTHER RESTRICTIONS:  A member is required to be age 55 or over to join Silver Connections.  They are permitted to join if they will be turning age 55 within their current membership year.  


TRANSPORTATION: You will be responsible for transportation to and from events. If applicable, carpooling is encouraged, and arranged by members with each other. 

PHOTOS:  You understand and give permission for any picture of you (in a group photo) may be used in marketing materials and/or on social media.   Your name will never be used in association with the picture. 


TRAVEL: In most instances, Silver Connection's trips involve substantial walking and in multiple instances, getting on and off a motorcoach or airplane. Silver Connections staff or its members are not responsible or expected to provide individual assistance to another member for walking, getting on and off motorcoaches, vans, or other transportation, or assisting with luggage or personal items of another individual on a trip.  


SINGLE GROUP DEFINITION:  A member must be single to join Silver Connections. If an individual wants to join single, but bring in a "significant other" from outside the organization, this is not permitted. Couples are not permitted to join since it is a singles organization.  The only exceptions to this rule is if two people join single, meet while members of Silver Connections, and become a married couple, they will be permitted to continue as members until their memberships expire in the current year.  The other exception is if an individual is married and their spouse is ill/incapacitated or is in a nursing facilty - they will be able to possibly join as their spouse will not be attending any events and they are in need of socializng opportunities.  This is reviewed on a case by case basis by the owner. 


YOU ASSUME RISK:  At all times, a member has the choice of participating or not participating in any given activity. Of those activities in which a member chooses to participate, the member agrees to accept full responsibility for the decision to participate. You also understand that neither Silver Connections nor its owner, any employees, or subsidiaries have any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, death or injury to you, your guests or your property resulting from you or your guest's participation in any Silver Connections event, Silver Connections providing transportation (such as by air, rail, bus or private vehicle) either directly or by use of an independent service or by carpooling with members or guests of  Silver Connections.


YOU GIVE UP CLAIMS:  You hereby give up and release Silver Connections, its owner, and any employees from any and all claims, defenses, or rights of offset arising out of your association, and Silver Connections sponsored events or activities in which you participate or any contact or communication between you and the owner or any other Silver Connections member or guest


INDEMNITY/REIMBURSEMENT:  You agree to reimburse and pay Silver Connections and its Affiliates for any and all loss (including reasonable attorneys' fees and costs) which occurs due to claims resulting from (a) your Membership in Silver Connections (b) you or your guest's participation in Silver Connections sponsored events and activities; (c) any inaccuracies or failure to disclose information by you or your guests; (d) any service provided to you or your guests by Silver Connections or its Affiliates; and (e) any action by any other Member or guest arising out of or related to your Membership.


REQUEST TO RECEIVE REFUND: No refund or partial refund will be given in any circumstance once a membership fee is paid. With your application and payment, you are binding into a contract with Silver Connections to join for one year and will be offered full benefits of membership from the day you join until that same date the following year.  


MEMBERSHIP NON-ASSIGNABLE/NON-TRANSFERABLE: You understand that your Membership is personal to you and that you may not transfer or assign it to any other individual. No former member, under any circumstance, is permitted to attend any Silver Connections event. If they have already paid for an event, they may receive a refund if a current member buys their spot/ticket.


NSF CHECKS / CREDIT CARD CHARGEBACKS: A fee of  $25.00 will be automatically assessed by Silver Connections for credit card chargebacks, returned checks or failed credit or account draft due to insufficient funds, your account closed, or other circumstances.


RENEWAL OF MEMBERSHIP: Upon renewal of your membership, by payment of your membership fee, you agree to the above terms and conditions which you had checked when submitting your original membership application.

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